How sure are you that your product is ready to be launched in the marketplace? To operate successfully in the North American market, you cannot transplant what works well in Europe and the Nordics and expect success. You need boots on the ground and the experience that comes with doing this journey over and over again. Nordic Consulting can provide that for you.

We have developed a playbook to help optimize your strategy and connect you to the right players. We have hand-picked an exclusive group of experienced mentors and business professionals that can assist you right now. This means that you spend less time navigating the U.S. for trusted networks on the ground and more time focusing on what is important to you and your products, your team and your success.


The lack of a strategy of how the company should grow beyond the home border is a major reason only 1 in 20 Norwegian startups succeed internationally. With our transatlantic mindset and foothold in the U.S. we are here to help you think scale from day one, giving you access to the kind of infrastructure and matchmaking that could make it possible.


WorldUpstart helps identify blind spots. And eliminate them. Our accelerator program is scalable and customizable (hybrid, online or in-person) and available to global economic development agencies, incubators, and individual companies. More than 40% of our cohort participants expand into the US market.

Advice and mentoring from the biggest players in Pharma. If you're serious about entering the US market you have to be in the program! I would never have dreamed of having access to companies like JP Morgan and Merck, but thanks to Bootcamp I did! We now know what we need to know.

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Why are you in business? What is the problem you are trying to solve? It seems obvious but have you really thought it through? Our collaborate framework is based on Human-Centered Design (HDC), which is focused of solving complex problems from the perspective of the people experiencing these problems.

From this process, you will be able to uncover deep and valuable insights about your customers, which enables you to develop your product with the most important features from the get-go, a so-called “MVP” – “minimum viable product”. This way you can quickly launch the product and actually find out if people want to buy it!